Krypton Radio

About the radio station — Krypton Radio

В эфире радиопостановки в жанрах фэнтези , фантастика, стимпанк, саундтреки из научно-фантастических сериалов и аниме.

We play adventure movie and TV soundtracks, new talent from the world of science fiction fandom, comic books, anime, original programming, news on internet culture, radio serials and all the weird cool stuff you could never find all in one internet radio station – until now!

Born of the net in 2009 – Krypton Radio (also known as KR) d.b.a as Krypton Universe, was founded by a group of Superhero and comics nerds who wanted to share their love of the music that the Superhero, Comic Book, Science Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, and Gaming genres have inspired. Since then KR has grown into a full fledged media group which continues to provide the best in fandom genre music, but also news coverage of interest to our fellow fans .