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www.ATLWEBRADIO.com Broadcasting on air since 2001 to millions...Log In Daily to view ATLWEBTV the newest brand of NworcsRadio featuring The hottest Internet Television on the planet.

The World Famous DJ CK has breaking records in the streets of Atlanta, GA since age 15 with first hits Get It Boy from Disco Ric and The Dogs Joey Boy Records, Get It Girl The 2 Live Crew Luke Skyywalker Records, Kilo America Has A Problem LGP Records, and the list goes on and on all the way to current with a host of super hot independent all star Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B artist. Later at the age of 20 DJ CK, began as assistant record pool director for JUMPIN JACK DJs. After working for the his father the Jumpin Jack, DJ CK began Internet Radio to integrate record pooling and the new technology of the Internet. Currently DJ CK is the spearhead for the #1 Internet Radio online today www.NWORCSRADIO.com Blazing The Newest Hip-Hop and R&B!! Tell A Friend and Tune In, Or Be Tuned Out!