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RadioMv это христианское радиовещание в режиме онлайн. Радиостанцию слушают сотни тысяч славян по всему миру.

RadioMv is an online Christian radio. Since February 2006, the radio broadcasts are heard by hundreds of thousands of Slavic people in 136 countries around the world. RadioMv broadcasts round-the-clock spiritually edifying programs that carry peace and comfort, advice and encouragement, admonition and joy, and daily spiritual food for all ages. In order to come closer to our listeners, the program devotes time for personal testimonies from listeners as well as live meetings on the air, where exciting Christian themes and pressing contemporary issues arise.

On February 12, 2006 the RadioMv channel first sounded live online. At first, the program consisted of Christian music and the audience was a group of our friends and loved ones. But the news of the radio station spread fairly quickly. After a couple of weeks, we began to receive positive feedback as well as requests to add sermons and edifying programs. A team of people ready to serve others for the glory of the Lord was assembled in response to these requests. They purchased the necessary equipment and began recording books, stories, poems, and programs for broadcasting.

"Родственные" радиостанции